QotD: Mmm…Snacks

What are your three favorite snacks?
Submitted by Sunscreem.

top of the list is an ear wax sandwich. yum. but you have to be thinking ahead months in advance cos it takes ages to save up enough wax. you cant scrimp. theres got to be plenty on there. with a little butter of course. ironically this reminds me of my favorite pastime which is to insert anything dangerously far into the ear canal. dogs love it too.nygh nygh nygh ooo thats good.

2nd is cotton wool on toast with lettuce and sugar and sprinkles of fibre glass. refreshing. if you dont have fibre glass you can just use normal broken glass.

3rd is a barium meal. bariums one of those things you either love it or you hate it. too many people cook it for too long though. just cauterise the stuff quickly on both sides and stick it on a plate with some beetroot.

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