the Wasps strike back.

I was about 9 and I fell asleep with the light on in my room. I woke up when I felt something crawling on my neck. I moved and got stung on the neck. Half asleep I looked around the room and there were wasps everywhere circling the large globe lightshade. I ran out the room closing the door behind me and holding my neck into my mum and dads room shouting ‘my rooms full of wasps my rooms full of wasps’. My mother and father urged me into bed saying it was a nightmare. I had also suffered from scarlet fever as a child and was often delirious around that time. I showed them my neck. Dad went half heartedly to check out my room and shat it when he opened the door. He ran and got fly spray. Opened the door a crack and emptied the can into the room. In the morning we counted 57 wasps dead on the floor and put them in an old tin. Dad says the queen must have been attracted by the light and flown in through a crack in my window and the rest followed her.

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