the old lady next door

i was around eight and the old lady who lived next door-she urged me to come over into her garden.she produced a large hacksaw and we set about sawing a forked portion of branch from one of her fruit trees. she sawed the branch into a short y shape. she produced from her pocket thick white elastic and tied the elastic tight around the top two portions of the y. she grasped the catapult and took a gooseberry from one of her bushes and fired the gooseberry at the wall of her house creating a little damp splat on the wall and some green gook. we both turned to each other and smiled. she then picked a pebble from the ground and fired the pebble high in the opposite direction towards the river and the houses beyond. the pebble hit the roof of the far away houses across the river and clattered down the roof tiles as we ran towards her house to hide. we laughed and i was slightly scared but thrilled as well. she gave me the catapult and i retired to the house to embark upon a new life of petty vandalism. Nowadays I think she gave me the catapult to piss my mum off.

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