intermission –lets all go to the lobby–

giant mantraps-made to wrong scale due to manufacturing boo boo. Virtually useless for landowners in the fight against poaching due to inability to hide.Wonderful however as a conversation piece or industrial paperweight. available in the foyer

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4 Responses to intermission –lets all go to the lobby–

  1. I AM a giant mantrap, so I don't need one of those. Is the dog for sale? He's cute!

  2. the dog is for sale.. but i dont think youre a responsible carer sixbucks. "brains in kitbags" ?"substances"? thats some post. difficultbirth/anxiouspreschool/poltergeistactivity/drugtaking. i think its best if rommel stays with me for the time being. dont you?

  3. navelgazer says:

    giant mantrap reminds me of a sculpture project of the mother of a former boyfriend entitled "terrible chairs"– I'll leave the rest to your fertile imagination.

  4. My own dogs, Goebells and Goering, scoff at your tiny pooch! Once again, I shall purchase NOTHING from you.

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