squirrel magnet.

i dont know what the hell it is about squirrels-but where some people have an affinity with dogs or maybe children or women- i seem to attract squirrels- i dont know what it is, maybe its my proximity to the park or i was born in the chinese year of the squirrel or some such thing but i attract them- as a case in point i got back from the shops one day and here had one not found its way into the flat. now as i say ive got an affinity with these animals but could i catch this cheeky wee bugger or chase him back out? fuck naw! i eventually had him trapped behind a radiator in the bedroom and i had a dishcloth (because its too tight too fit anything like a brush down there) and i was flicking this duster down the back of the radiator to try and get the wee rascal to move, but he just stayed right there between the wall and the radiator so in the end i put my beretta there and i shot him and as i say its too thin to get a brush down there so in the cold months when i have to put the heating on- the radiator heats up whatevers left of that wee bugger and my flat fills with the smell of that manky wee bastard.

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4 Responses to squirrel magnet.

  1. "Did I leave the gas on? No! I'm a fucking squirrel!"
    ~Eddie IzzardI'm digging into the vaults to find for you SBaM's Tribute to Squirrel Songs. Enjoy!

  2. Oh CRAP! That last comment was supposed to start with:"Did I leave the gas on? NO! I'm a fucking squirrel!"~Eddie Izzard (Dressed to Kill)

  3. raven.black says:

    Eau du' Manky Squirrel? Brilliant!

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